Once again here to help consumers understand & enjoy their A · B · C 's! in Tesco & Sainsbury's

during October 2015

The 2nd  WorldbeerathoN 2015 is a fully integrated experiential & promotional campaign covering Premium Bottled Ales, World Beers & Classic Ciders in both leading Tesco and Sainsbury’s Extras & Superstores, plus London mainline rail stations in October 2015.


WorldbeerathoN, a unique new beer market initiative covering three dynamic, key categories – Premium Bottled Ales, World Beers and Specialty Ciders was created by Brand Belief to help educate & inform beer consuming adults about their A B C’s.


Launched exclusively in Tesco Extras in November, WorldbeerathoN was a huge success and now returns again in the key Spring period; October 2015 covering Tesco & Sainsbury’s Extras & Superstores, plus mainline London rail stations. The 2nd WorldbeerathoN will be promoting wider A • B • C knowledge & choice and greater sales opportunities!

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 WorldbeerathoN is a Brand Belief exclusive promotion © WorldbeerathoN is owned & exclusively operated by Brand Belief Ltd & is fully protected by Copyright & IP Law.

WorldbeerathoN & Brand Belief fully endorses a responsible attitude towards the consumption of alcohol & strictly adheres to drinkaware guidelines!

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